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The Necessity of Continuing Education

By Martin Wangler Dean of the Academy

In its last meeting, the Academic Council of the EAC decided to enhance the role of the Academy in chiropractic continuing education (CE), by organising multiple European high-quality/low-cost day-seminars on topics of clinical interest, in order to offer chiropractors more opportunities for Continuing Personal Development (CPD).  


Why? What for? What is in it for you as a chiropractor?


Taking part in research, reading the scientific literature, understanding best practices and adopting habits of lifelong learning have all an important impact on clinical competencies and practice in the following domains identified by the European Academy of Chiropractic: expert performance, communication, collaboration, management, community performance, scholarship and professionalism [1].


Developing the capacity of reflection in the lifelong learning process is very important. Reflection i.e., ‘thinking about thinking’ can occur at all stages of chiropractic care: before, during and afterwards. Understanding of both - the self and the situation - has a wider impact on lifelong learning than simply identifying the acquisition of new knowledge and skills, such as how to perform a particular procedure.[2] Reflection facilitates learning: having an experience, reflect on it, conceptualize, apply it to another situation, developing therapeutic relationship and professional practice.[3]


Chiropractic Continuing Education must include the development of self-reflection skills and portfolio developments as these are crucial professional requirements, not only as an expectation of today’s health providers, but also increasingly as a legal requirement for licensure to practice.  This is the field where the European Academy offers leadership, high-quality/low-cost seminars, accreditation and national support if requested.


For further information, please contact: Vassilis Maltezopoulos, EAC Convention Director (vmalt@otenet.gr)



(1) Wangler M. Usefulness of CanMEDS Competencies for Chiropractic Graduate Education in Europe. Journal of Chiropractic Education. 2009;23(2):123

(2) Sandras J. The use of reflection in medical education: AMEE Guide No. 44. Med Teach 2009;31:685-695

(3) Kolb DA. Experimental learning. Experience as a source of learning and development. 1194 New Jersey: Prentice Hall.

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