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Diagnostic Imaging, Physical Diagnosis and Evidence-based Treatment of Patients with Low Back and Pelvic Pain

Saturday 17th March 2012


Diagnostic Imaging, Physical Diagnosis and Evidence-based Treatment of Patients with Low Back and Pelvic Pain:  An update on the use of routine radiographs, advanced imaging, evidence-based physical examination procedures and chiropractic management
Frankfurt, Saturday 17 March, 2012
BY: Cynthia Peterson, RN, DC, DACBR, M.Med.Ed.

Because low back pain is the most common reason for patients to present to chiropractors, this seminar provides an interactive, case-based, evidence-based update not only on routine radiographs, MRI and CT, but also on best physical examination procedures for particular diagnoses.  An update on the evidence for chiropractic and other treatments for specific clinical diagnoses will be briefly covered.  Abnormal imaging findings related to the patient’s complaints will be the main focus.  However, significant as well as insignificant non-pain producing imaging findings will also be discussed to enable the practitioner to recognize the implications of these abnormalities and thus better manage the patient.  The seven categories of bone diseases, mechanical low back and pelvic pain will be covered as well as relevant soft tissue findings.





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